• Grains & StarchesOpen or Close

    Bajra/Bajre ki Roti - Bread made from millet flour. Can contain herbs or spices. May contain ghee (clarified butter).

    Bathura - Deep fried leavened roti/dough made from refined flour.

    Dhalia - Cracked wheat often cooked in sweetened milk (similar to porridge or oatmeal).

    Dhokla - Steamed bread made with chick pea flour or lentils. Steamed dish made from lentils and/or rice.

    Dosa - Pan fried crepe made from fermented rice-lentil batter, semolina or whole wheat flour May be stuffed with vegetables (breakfast dish, but can be eaten anytime).

    Iddiyappam (Also see String Hoppers) - Steamed noodles made from rice flour, may have added sugar and coconut (breakfast dish).

    Idli - Steamed rice cakes made from fermented rice, lentils (urad-daal) batter (breakfast dish, but can be eaten anytime).

    Kachori - Deep fried stuffed puri using urad dal/potato and spices.

    Lucchi - A Bengali form of puri. A puffed, deep fried bread made with white flour.

    Makki ki roti - Bread/roti made from unleavened corn flour.

    Naan - Fermented bread dough made from flour, yogurt, and egg (optional). Leavened roti baked in oven.

    Paratha – Stuffed, Pan fried roti stuffed with meat or vegetables. Can be stuffed with aloo (potato), keema (ground meat), dal (lentils).

    Paratha – Plain, Pan fried roti/bread

    Puri - Deep fried roti/bread

    Puttu - Rice flour and grated coconut (breakfast dish). Steamed rice cake.

    Roti/Chapati - white flour, Flat bread – staple in South Asia (made from unleavened bread dough).

    Roti/Chapati - whole grain flour, Flat bread made with whole grain flour.

    String Hoppers (Also see Iddiyappam) - Steamed rice flour noodles. Eaten in a variety of ways with curries, or as a sweet dish with sugar cane sugar and coconut. Also eaten with "sodhi" – seasoned coconut milk.

    Thepla - Unleavened flatbread, similar to a chapati, baked on a griddle. This Gujarati variation has fenugreek leaves mixed into the dough, chickpea flour may be substituted for part of the flour.

    Uppuma - Dish made with semolina and spices, may or may not contain vegetables. Many varieties/types.

  • FruitsOpen or Close

    Aam – Mango - Fresh or Canned Pulp or Pickled condiment in oil (Achaar)

    Amrood or Jaam - Guava

    Anaar - Pomegranate

    Ananis - Pineapple

    Lychee or Lichee - Lychee

    Aam Ka Rus - Mango Juice

    Citaphal - Custard apple

    Papaya or Papita - Papaya

  • Milk & AlternativesOpen or Close

    Chai (doodh pati) - Tea made with mainly milk instead of water. Usually with added table sugar.

    Chutney, mint - Condiment made with fresh mint leaves and yogurt.

    Dahi beray or Dahi belay or Dahi phulki - Yogurt with potatoes and chick pea flour patties. May contain tomatoes, onions, mint.

    Lassi - Yogurt drink (diluted with water), with added sugar or salt. May be made from butter milk

    Paneer - Un-ripened cheese that is similar to pressed Ricotta cheese, except that the curd is drier and has no salt added. Made from curdled milk.

    Raita - Yogurt with grated vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, onion etc.

  • RiceOpen or Close

    Biryani (chicken, beef, mutton or shrimp) - Rice with meat, potatoes and many different spices. Oil added during cooking.

    Kichri/kichdi - Lentils (orange coloured lentils known as masoor, yellow moong, toor dal) and rice cooked together. Made with moong dal, masoor dal and uradh dal. Used in religious festivals OR during illnesses, especially stomach/digestion related. Vegetables may be added occasionally.

    Meat pilau or pulao - Rice with meat. Oil added during cooking.

    Vegetable pilau or puloa - Rice with vegetables like potatoes, carrots or peas. Oil added during cooking.

    Zarda - Sweet rice made with food colour, raisins and almonds. Oil or Ghee (clarified butter) added during cooking.

  • Other Choices - Sweets/DessertsOpen or Close

    Barfi - Fudge like dessert made from thickened milk or cream, coconut and sugar.

    Gajar ka halwa - Made from carrots and sugar (gajar = carrot).

    Gulabjaman - Fried ball made from milk and soaked in sugar syrup.

    Jilebi/Jalebi - Fried black lentil flour dipped in sugar batter.

    Kulfi - Indian ice cream made with boiled/reduced milk. It comes in many flavors - mango, elaichi (cardamom), kesar (saffron) etc.

    Ladoo - Fried ball of chick pea flour and sugar.

    Rasgulla - Milk based balls in sugar syrup.

    Rasmalai - Balls of curdled milk/cheese soaked in sweetened milk (often baked).

    Rice Kheer - Rice pudding. Made by reducing milk with other ingredients like rice or vermicelli.

    Sevia - Sweet vermicelli. Often in a milk based sweet sauce.

    Shahi Tukray - Bread pudding made with cream, sugar or condensed milk and dried fruit.

    Shandesh - Coagulated milk based dessert includes paneer.

    Suji ka Halwa - Made from semolina, sugar and ghee (butter or margarine) with nuts and raisins.

  • Other Choices – SnacksOpen or Close

    Bhel Puri - Puffed rice, deep fried noodles, boiled potatoes etc. served with tamarind sauce etc.

    Cake rusk - Dry toast in the form of cake. Usually served with tea.

    Chevra or Chiura - Snack mix made of peanuts, fried rice, potato crisps, etc.

    Gathia - Fried gram flour snack.

    Gol Gappay or Pani Puri - Semolina and white flour hollow balls that are deep fried. Served with water containing tamarind sauce and spices. Also served with mixture of chopped potatoes and chickpeas. The water and potato mixture is placed inside the deep fried balls.

    Mathri/Mathi - Fried salty snack made with semolina and flour

    Meat Samosas - Meat in pastry shells – deep fried.

    Papad or Papadum - Chips like snack made of rice or legume flour. Baked or fried.

    Sev - Vermicelli type fried snack made from rice or lentil flour.

    Vegetable Pakora - Deep fried fritters made of vegetables and chick pea flour.

    Vegetable Samosas - Vegetables such as peas and potatoes in pastry shells.

    Vegetable/potato patty - Patty made from vegetables and/or potatoes. Potato patties are more common.

  • Vegetables – Eaten with rice or naan/roti/chapattiOpen or Close

    Baingan or Baingan ka Bharta - Egg plant. Roasted egg plant with skin removed.

    Bhindi - Okra (Lady's Finger).

    Ghia - White squash.

    Kadhu - Pumpkin or Ash Gourd.

    Karela - Bitter gourd, bitter melon.

    Methi - Fenugreek (Fresh Leaves).

    Saag - Mustard Greens.

    Tinda - Indian round gourd.

    Tindora - Coccinia grandis, also called tindora, parval, kowai, kovai, tindla, gentleman's toes, or ivy gourd.

    Turia - Ridge gourd.

  • Legumes and Lentils – Eaten with rice or roti/chapatiOpen or Close

    Channa Dal - Gram dal. Made from splitting a chickpea in half.

    Channa or Cholay or Kabuli cholay - Chick peas often in a tomato/onion base.

    Dal or Daal(any kind) - Legumes/lentils.

    Kala Channa - Black chick peas.

    Masoor or Masar Dal - Brown or pink lentils. The whole lentil is greenish-brown, but the skinned and split lentil is pink/salmon colour. Turns yellow when cooked.

    Moong Dal - Skinned and split mung beans. Yellow in colour.

    Rajmah or Lobia or Choray - Kidney beans in tomato based sauce.

    Rasam - Light lentil soup made from red gram dal and tomatoes and spices. Served with rice.

    Rongi - Black eyed peas.

    Sambhar - Toor dal made with vegetables. Eaten with rice, idlis or dosas.

    Toor Dal - Tan colour whole lentil, but often used skinned and split (yellow colour).

    Urad Dal - Black lentil, also used in skinned/split format (white).

  • Curries (also known as Salan or Shorva, eaten with rice or naan/roti/chapatti)Open or Close

    Khadi - Curry made from yogurt, spices and vegetables.

    Malai Kofta - Cheese (paneer) and vegetable (potatoes) fritters in a cream sauce (milk/yogurt/cream/paneer).

    Deep fried fritters - Meat curry with other vegetables. Meat and vegetables such as spinach, turnip etc.

    Meat curry with peas - Meat and peas in spicy sauce.

    Aloo Gosht - Meat curry with potatoes. Meat and potatoes in spicy sauce

    Mixed vegetable bhaji - Vegetables such as peas, carrots, potatoes etc. in a dry curry.

    Bhaji - Generic name for cooked vegetables (also known as bharta).

    Potato bhaji - A dry potato curry.